Board Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Wellness Coach

Eat Right...Feel Right

Are you confused about what to eat?
Do you "pig-out" when you're stressed?
Is your energy dragging?
Has your doctor told you that your "lifestyle choices" are impacting your health

Whether you're concerned about:

○  Weight
○  High cholesterol and triglycerides
○  Diabetes
○  High blood pressure
○  Acid reflux or other digestive issues
○  PMS or
○  Menopausal hot flashes  

              are not alone. 

Know that:

1.  YOU ARE UNIQUE!  Your genetic inheritance (your constitution and metabolism) influences how well you utilize the nutrients from your food, release the toxins from your body and how well your immune system functions.

2.  YOUR NEEDS CHANGE CONSTANTLY .  What your body needs to function optimally is determined partly by your age and varies with the weather, your mental and physical activity, and how you are handling the stress in your life. 

3.  THE POWER IS IN YOUR HANDS!!  You can work with your unique metabolism, constitution and ever changing mental, emotional, and physical demands to exchange your current struggles for balance, energy and a body that functions optimally.  You can take your power back!

Put all the puzzle pieces together and learn how to eat you feel right!

Judith Gisser, M.S., C.N.S., C.W.C.

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