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Weight Issues
●  Have you always battled weight issues?
●  Now that you've reached that critical age, is your weight slowly creeping up and you don't know what to do?
●  Do you have the opposite problem of unintended weight loss?

You are not alone!
  Today obesity is in the headlines because of its link to diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and even some cancers.  Others struggle to keep weight on, even though no medical reason has been found for their weight loss.

There is a solution to your problem, and it's not a miracle diet - whether you are someone who always struggled with weight gain, OR after never having had to be concerned about what you put in your mouth, with age, weight is now slowly creeping up, OR you are suddenly finding the scale moving downward without a medical or other cause.

Solving the puzzle can be simple or take some detective work.  It is not the same for everyone!  What is the same is that all these situations are signs the body is out of balance.  While understanding food issues and nutrition issues is important in reaching and maintaining your ideal weight, the key is getting in touch with your intuitive sense of what your body needs and wants.

Weight Tips
Ask yourself before you eat,  "Am I Hungry?"  Recognize the physical signs of hunger and acknowledge if you make the choice to eat for other reasons. 
Experiment with non-food strategies to deal with avoidance, boredom, fatigue, frustration, and sadness.
Practice mindful eating.   Be relaxed.  Experience the aroma, taste and texture of foods as you chew well and relish every bite.
●    Commit to checking in, noticing when your stomach is full and stopping eating then even if there is still food on your plate.
Notice how you feel after eating.  Keep track in a food diary of your meals and see if there is a connection between bloating, gas, mucous build-up, brain fog, fatigue or other undesirable reaction after eating specific foods. Remove suspects from your diet for 3-4 weeks and see what happens. The foods that you feel you MUST eat every day to be happy are most often the culprit.
If you still can't get the scale to budge, many other factors can create weight issues including   medications stress heavy metal and other toxic accumulations that can interfere with metabolism metabolic syndrome

Weight Fitness

1.  Building muscle helps you burn more calories at rest increasing your metabolism.

2.  Exercise raises mood, removing one of the reasons some people overeat or gravitate to high sugar, high fat comfort foods.

3. To reach and maintain a healthy weight, particularly after 40, many people find an average of 60 minutes of physical activity a day 5-6 days a week makes all the difference!

The Challenge of Unwanted Weight Loss

If you are loosing weight without trying, get to your doctor for a thorough check up to make sure your weight loss does not reflect an underlying medical condition.  If you are cleared, call on Judith to help you put the puzzle pieces together to begin to reach a healthy weight for you.


Eat Right...Feel Right

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